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Health Insurance for NRI

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Health Insurance for NRI

Any Non-Resident Indian residing abroad can purchase NRI health insurance plans for the entire family in India. The only requirement is to provide evidence of their Indian citizenship, such as valid proof of address, a recent Income Tax return, etc. PIOs need to show their passports when buying NRI health insurance in India.

The purchase of a health insurance policy in India is strongly advocated for NRIs who intend to return to India permanently within three to four years. By doing so, the policy will be available for filing claims upon their return to India, as the waiting periods will have lapsed. Moreover, they would not feel compelled to purchase a health insurance policy upon their return to India.

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Regulations for NRIs entail what?

The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) outlines the regulations governing the issuance of medical insurance for NRIs in India.

Why Should NRIs Purchase Health Insurance in India?

Here are some of the reasons non-resident Indians should purchase medical insurance in India:

Accessibility To Healthcare In India

If you have purchased health insurance in your home country (for example, the United Kingdom), it will not be beneficial if you become ill in India. Due to geographical restrictions, these plans do not cover medical expenses incurred outside the country. You can, however, recover medical costs incurred in India if you purchase health insurance plans for families travelling to India.

Ensure Adequate Medical Cover

Some individuals living abroad are more susceptible to stomach-related illnesses and influenza. If you contract these illnesses during your trip to India, you cannot submit claims under your health insurance purchased outside India. However, if you are wondering what is health insurance coverage for emigrant in India, your insurance company in India will cover these costs adequately.

Obtain Continuous Coverage

If you are an NRI who travels to India multiple times per year, you must purchase NRI health insurance in India. This will have you ensured for medical expenses whenever you visit India during the policy’s duration. It prevents you from purchasing medical insurance every time you travel to India and allows you to claim medical expenses if you become unwell during these trips.

Available At reduced rates

In India, health insurance plans are more economical than in most foreign nations. This is because healthcare services abroad are significantly higher than in India.

Enjoy Effortless Claim Settlement

If you become unwell during your trip to India, filing a claim with an India-based health insurance provider will be simpler and more convenient. The process can be more streamlined, and you may have easier access to electronic treatment options. The same may not be possible, however, if you have a medical insurance policy from a foreign insurance company, as the procedure may be more time-consuming.

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